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Turkey Company Produce Industrial Inkjet Digital Printer Firstly This Month

Metz Technologies , a company headquartered in Bursa, in cooperation with Kollmorgen products and engineering departments to produce Turkey’s first industrial digital printing machines. After a successful trial production, now it has begun formal production. Metz technology company executives said the aircraft production rate is 20% faster than competing products. The machine is the result of a period of about six months of research and development work by textile manufacturers in Turkey and some other countries in hot pursuit.


As Metz technology company owner, Mr. Ibrahim combined with their owners in the digital printing field deep professional experience, so about their entrepreneurial experience: “I have a wealth of experience and expertise accumulated over the years in the digital printing industry. in the meantime, I have worked in a number of companies, a deep understanding of almost all the complex issues in this area. after analysis, we believe that digital printing technology will certainly be more widely used in such an important textile production centers in Turkey, and these machines must be manufactured in Turkey. we have carefully selected and set up a technical team to design and manufacture the machine, they gradually grown into a highly experienced team.


We assure the National Research Council (TUBITAK) application development project, after establishing a coordination mechanism within the team, we contacted a number of companies, in order to assess the market and raw materials and services. We signed a supply agreement with the motion control system Kollmorgen, they provide a direct drive linear motor units, 5 servo motors, drives, motherboards and other control systems. We are also working to develop software with two international companies. We hope that the production technology to meet or exceed European standards, bringing together the world’s best components; we finally succeeded in producing the first Turkish industrial digital printing machines. After the end of the test phase, we have begun formal production, the first customers have said they are very satisfied with our machines. ”
Seref Karaoglan Kollmorgen project manager summed up the reason they favor the project reason, and said, “Some people say, Kollmorgen be excluded from the project, which is not accurate. We are a few one such machine capable of producing all the products used by the company. in addition, I can confidently say that we are only able to provide linear motors and all of these components, but also can be optimized in such an important project of R & D projects design



A single controller for 6-axis synchronization
Seref Karaoglan Kollmorgen project managers to share their successful experiences in the field of the synchronous motor, and said, “We are available for this machine Another important component is the AKD PDMM controller we have outstanding advantages. Our controller is embedded into the drive, it also controls six axes, including stretching, the adhesive strip, the head Y-axis (linear motor), the Z-axis and the head wiping (cleaning). In this way, we can successfully ensure synchronization. “between the axes
20% faster than its product line
Mr. Metz Technologies Ibrahim pointed out that the machine’s production capacity will reach 220-230 m / h, which means that it is 20% faster than the speed of product counterparts around the world, he said, “our production capacity up to 400 square meters (600600 dpi quality). our total research and development costs have reached about 360,000 pounds (1.5 million liras). now, we only have two machines production plans, but our goal is to produce 20 machines in 2016 we will set up distribution points in Brazil and China, we are seeking more opportunities in other industrial-intensive countries.
Enviable linear motor technology
Seref Kara Gefu • On evaluation, the most significant feature of this machine is its high speed, and said, “a very important point is that the linear motor must be able to achieve the desired speed while being able to stop the stretch in a very short period of time, stick then, bands, head Y-axis (linear motor), the Z-axis head and wiping (cleaning). I want to emphasize is, Kollmorgen has high performance in this regard. it is possible to obtain very high kinetic energy, in order to use the machine to perform the process successfully, we need to reach speeds of 1.8 m / s within 150 milliseconds. our high-performance linear motors and servo drives and motion control solutions to meet these requirements. ”
One of the most important aspects of Metz technology company founder, Mr. Ibrahim stressed that this machine is the “motion control”, he said he was very letter Lai Keer Morgan controller, and said, “Because there is a lot of movement synchronization, for example, each unit synchronous movement of the fabric and the bottom blanket binding and high-speed air-dry pendulum movement, this is a very complex technology. in this regard, Kollmorgen has met all our expectations. the machine uses a symmetric printing technology, which is another important factor in our speed increased.
About Kollmorgen
Kollmorgen  is a leading global motion control systems and parts suppliers. With world-class motion control technology, OEM machine builders industry-leading quality and professional ability to integrate and customize products, Kollmorgen help printing, packaging, medical, machine tools and robotics industries to design better machines to obtain Competitive Advantage.

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Post time: 07-08-2016


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