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The reason and solution for the Ink cured not well for LED UV Flatbed Printer

Some industry personnel in uv printer printing production process, often encounter UV ink curing often incomplete and sticky surface phenomenon, resulting in unsatisfactory results, this phenomenon is caused by how? How to address this phenomenon in order to ensure print quality, here small data compiled simple for everyone to share.
uv curing light source power is not enough
uv uv light curing printer has three elements:
Consistent with the absorption spectra of light cured if 1, spectrum, namely UV lamps and other light sources emit the like.
2, the strength that the light emitted by the light source is adequate, enabling the cured photochemical reactions vary cured (UV coatings and inks, glue) the performance of internal photosensitive agent, the dose is different, the amount of the transparent main agent agent feeling is also different, so different curing strength requirements.
3, curing speed, curing speed is too fast cure can not be completed, but will slow and the cured adverse effects. The pattern cracking, poor adhesion and the like. Curing speed and vary depending cured.
Uv printer print speed is caused by UV ink curing is not complete, the surface sticky reasons. Then you can reduce or increase the printing speed of the power source.
uv curing aging light bulb
UV lamps can emit mainly refers to ultraviolet lamp, a light emitting when accompanied by high heat, because it does not just stimulate the ultraviolet, infrared emission is also accompanied by a wavelength of light focused on the 365mm or so, the proportion varies depending on the quality of the infrared lamp different content, normal domestic UV lamp UV length of about 30%, while imports UV lamp is 40-50% of the content, but also low heat, long service life up to 2000 hours, while the domestic UV lamp 1,000 hours about.
With the gradual decomposition of the lamp using the electrode, generating tube wall deposition, transparency and ultraviolet light transmittance gradually weakened, and therefore the printer regularly uv lamp detection, timely replacement lamp.
UV curable ink itself is slow
Light curing refers to UV inks or UV coatings, certain photochemical reactions occurring under effective UV irradiation, so that the cured product into a liquid, cured to form a pattern, a process that can be added to the light curing accelerator, reduce the printing speed or find ink suppliers.

Post time: 07-12-2016


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