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The difference between UV Printer & Eco Solvent Printer

1.UV Printer Can print out white color,for there have good quality white uv ink on the market,but if you use eco solvent ink,there are no quality white eco solvent ink,the white eco solvent ink can damage printer head soon and clog very soon,this is caused by ink,not the difference of printer

2.UV Printer can print on almost all kind of materials directly without coating,no need pretreatment,but for eco solvent printer,we need spray coating before printing for almost all materials,or the image will be removed very easy by scratch(Even we provide a kind of special eco solvent ink,it can print on PC,PVC,TPU,PU phone case directly,no need coating,but the price of this type of ink is high,almost USD140/Liter,compare with UV ink USD70/Liter,it’s big difference)

3.UV Printer can print out image with Embossed Effect,but flatbed printer can’t,the embossed effect is same meaning as raised effect,only uv printer can print this,and uv printer can print without embossed effect as well

4.After Printing,uv ink dry immediately,but flatbed printer can’t

a3-uv-printer-02 a3-uv-printer-03

Post time: 07-25-2016


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