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Solution for Printing becomes slowly (Modified Flatbed Printer,Inkjet Printer,Digital Printer)

Usually in the transformation CISS, it will also transform the original ink cartridges, so the carriage will inevitably burden. When the vehicle is heavily loaded word becomes slow and overloading will lead to accelerated aging and increased belt printer carriage and rod friction, which can lead to print slower. There might cause serious Carriage can not be reset, and then not be used.
To resolve these faults are three methods:
a, replace the motor, when the wall of the hose with the printer CISS friction occurred throughout the electric motor load increase, long-term use of electric motor loss, we will try to replace;
b, connecting rod lubrication, sometimes because of the low speed printing using relatively long time, the machine inside the carriage and the link friction increases, the resistance increases resulting in an electric motor running slowly, then lubricate the connecting rod can solve the problem ;
Belt c, printing equipment aging, and connected to the motor driven gear frictional force of the General Assembly to accelerate the aging of the printer belt, this time to clean and lubricate the belt can reduce the aging of the fault.

There should be noted that even for traces attention, do not cause the car to pull move has led to disruption. Due to the internal structure of different printers somewhat different, and does not even provide for modification of support, therefore, traces the problem to most problems encountered adapted even for the

Post time: 07-09-2016


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