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New Technology of UV Directly Printing Solution Digital Printing Machine

UV printer is a high-tech full-color digital presses Free plate : it is not subject to any material restrictions, in T -shirt, sliding doors, doors , sliding doors, glass , sheet metal , all kinds of signs , crystal , PVC, acrylic , metal, plastic, stone , leather and other surface color photo -printing. No plate printed once completed , beautiful rich color , wear-resistant, anti-UV , simple operation , fast printing images in full compliance with the printing industry standard .

It can be widely used in silk screen printing industry , gift processing industry, signs marking industry, decoration industry , personalized printing industry, and so on . Decoration, decoration industry , glass industry, furniture sliding door industry , sign industry , exhibition industry , rigid cardboard packaging industry, textile and leather industries The device widely printed material , the flexible media such as: timely posts , PVC, reflective film, canvas , carpet , leather ; rigid media such as: glass, tile , metal, ceilings, aluminum, wood , door panels, acrylic panels , plexiglass plate , foam board, corrugated board , etc.

UV ink : the use of imported UV inks , the spray is dry , printing fastness. In the head control , low-solvent ink printing control , color intensity curing and media transmission accuracy and other technical difficulties aspects , have gained a reliable technical assurance. For the Chinese users the opportunity to foreign users as a color printer product technology to bring progress , UV printers reduce the investment threshold , allowing you easy access to “high-quality , affordable , buy ” low- cost investment products UV printer . UV printer using the latest technology LED cold light source , no heat radiation . Instant light without preheating, printed materials, low surface temperature without deformation.

Post time: 07-02-2016


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