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Israel XJet to develop new nano-particle injection molding 3D printing technology

Well-known Israeli metal 3D printing company XJet announced a heavy message: their first nano-particle injection molding metal 3D printer will be on sale it!
For this machine, Connaught and other people concerned about 3D printing has also been waiting for a long time, because it is derived from the Kingdom of black technology Israel, and the technology is not used in the current common laser sintering (LS) or electron beam melting (EBM) , But spray metal ink, just like ordinary flat-panel printer, but there is a thickness of a three-dimensional structure of the jet.
One of the benefits of this new technology is the ability to use conventional inkjet printheads as tools. The advantage is that the support structure can be removed by specialized techniques without the aid of any external force – not only is it easier to achieve with the same material-based support than the conventional Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) metal 3D printing process, Reduce waste, thereby reducing costs, but also to give designers greater freedom – because it is removed by melting, so theoretically can be added infinitely.

This new technology has many advantages, including:
① higher product accuracy
② more flexible product size
③ high utilization of materials, cost savings
④ can be applied directly to the product, not polished
⑤ no inert gas or vacuum environment, more secure
⑥ material selection is convenient, particle size can be adjusted
⑦ support more easily removed
⑧ The whole printing process is more simple
Through this new technology to print out the metal parts in the mechanical properties and other aspects can almost be compared with the traditional casting a higher. In addition, compared to other metal 3D printing technology, this technology is not only cleaner, but also to achieve greater consistency. Here are some of its actual print products:


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Post time: 11-10-2016


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