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Ink industry to keep up with the pace of the global printing industry

Development of the industry as the years went by, and the printing ink industry is no exception. With the growth of digital printing and packaging market-leading ink companies are looking for more ways to serve their clients.
In North America, 20 of the report, the ink industry executives discussed their reactions to the changes occurred in the field of printing inks and to see made.
One way is through acquisitions. In the past year, the Flint Group acquisition of Xeikon and AdvancedColorSystems, EFI acquired ReggianiMacchine and Matan, Sensient acquired Xennia. Another way is through the development of new products, which are all of the ink business must do.
European printing inks companies have also seen a similar trend. As can be seen in the review of the ink in Europe, the development of Europe’s fastest printing sector is probably the industrial inkjet printing, the survey from 2014 to 2020 the cumulative average increase of 36%.
For conventional ink manufacturers, their paint is the most expensive part of the formulation. In the 2016 report shows pigment, industry leaders see this change $ 30 billion market. Not surprisingly, the pigment suppliers have seen a growing trend in the packaging, inkjet and UV inks in the field, and the field of publishing and business in terms of sales is basically the same as a state.
For ink manufacturers an interesting new market is the conductive ink and paste, which is an estimated $ 2.3 billion market. In the conductive ink market, an analyst with the conductive ink manufacturer explained they see this area in the next few years, excellent market opportunities, such as wearable devices, sensors and smart packaging.
There are many opportunities for growth in the field of printing, the ink suppliers are trying to put themselves in a position that can grow up with the customer.

Post time: 07-08-2016


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