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Advise on how to choose coating for uv flatbed printer

Hello everyone, I am william from GNFEI, GNFEI as a professional UV flatbed equipment manufacturers to focus UV equipment sales, UV printing environmentally friendly, fast, high-quality advantage gained wide acclaim advertising market, the rapid growth of the coverage of UV flatbed printer. UV lithography biggest bright spot is its diversified printing substrate, not previously printed glass, ceramic, metal, acrylic, wood and other materials above, UV lithography to achieve high-quality printing results. However, UV ink adhesion on glass, ceramic, metal, acrylic and some glossy wood surface is not good, easy to fall off. Therefore, the use of UV flatbed inkjet printers help ink adhesion coating is a very important process.
But time is flatbed printer UV coating appears not long, but also on the market for sale of coatings of varying quality, poor product quality print coating not only damaged will damage the machine. How to choose the right coating is UV flatbed printer to share with me the following information, you need to pay attention to the following six areas:
First, adhesion: adhesion measurements There are several ways, such as the hundred cells law. If high quality printing products, printed products can also test after immersion in water or boiled printing screen is off. Adhesion is good or bad UV flatbed printer is a key measure of the quality of the coating. The quality of the coating should be tested by hundred cells, and does not fall off when soaked in water or boil water.
Second, leveling: leveling paint is a common performance indicators, referring to the paint by brushing or spraying on the surface of the object, its coating and brush marks that appear, such as automatic spray mist particles flow into the exhibition ability flat smooth surface. Leveling the bad UV flatbed printer print coating will affect the decorative effect. More importantly, if the brush marks the surface of the coating will not go away, the uneven surface of the coating is possible friction UV flatbed printer nozzle, resulting in significant losses. The quality of the coating formulation should be tight, fast leveling after brushing or spraying.
Third, film transparency: As a high value decorative product, UV print on the appearance requirements are generally high. This requires UV flatbed printer is a film coating colorless and transparent. Some epoxy-based configuration of two-component coating deposition yellow now on the market, affecting the decorative effect.
Fourth, the weather: For UV printing products, especially for use in the outdoor signs, billboards, print must be long-term bright as new, do not fade. Specifically, this requires UV flatbed printer has a coating against UV function. Now some of the coating in the long light conditions will be yellow, not suitable for outdoor use. Even if only in UV printing products for indoor use, the general also need to consider the use of UV flatbed printer with a weather-resistant coating, to ensure product quality.
Fifth, the ease of use: UV flatbed printers currently on the market have a coating of a two-component and multi-component products, with respect to the multi-component product, without having to configure a one-component coating UV flatbed inkjet printers in the use of more advantage.
Sixth, product safety: This is an issue that must be considered. Solvent-based coatings UV flatbed printer not only smell great, but not when the safety hazard in storage, transportation is not convenient. Because high investment UV flatbed inkjet machine, the choice of UV flatbed printer is best to consider a safer coating aqueous coating UV flatbed printer. If you must use a solvent-based coatings, and UV flatbed printer is recommended stored separately, eliminate safety hazards

Post time: 07-09-2016


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