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Latte Coffee Printing Machine Latte Delicate

Latte delicate, but very difficult. However, the emergence of a new scientific and technological innovation can make your small even untrained, can easily conjure up your favorite pattern. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on June 26, and now there is a latte machine, so that everyone can become a garland guru!We call it Latte Printer,Coffee Printer Machine

The latte machine named “CupShow”. Technically, it combines 3D technology and inkjet printing systems, it is possible to “print” a very natural coffee extract. Garland machine and mobile phone APP also work in conjunction. Users select their desired pattern on a mobile phone APP CUPSHOW – can be text, it can be your favorite picture, but also according to their preferences editor beautify the picture, add your own words to write, and so on. In the mobile phone operation is completed, less than 10 seconds, the garland is complete.
Currently, the machine cost $ 980, only applies to some coffee to its clients commercial companies. “Pull Flower picture is one of the most widespread social media category, and we put the garland pushed to a new level.” CEO GF garland machine GNFEI research and development company, he said, “When you give someone as beautiful things they wanted to share with others. and this is what we manufacture in the world

Post time: 07-06-2016


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