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Name:UV Flatbed Printer
Printer ModelWBST3320-UV
Ink ModelC M Y K W W
Ink TypeLED UV Ink
Print Size28 X 48 CM
Print Thickness0-9CM
Cooling SystemWater Cooling System
UV LampLED UV Lamp,over 20000 hours lifespan
Unit PriceUSD2600-USD3000/Set
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A3 UV Flatbed Printer NEW A3 Size 6 Color UV Embossed Image Printer Machine

Advantages of UV Printer,Compare with Flatbed Printer which use Eco Solvent Ink

The Advantages:

UV Printer Can print white color,for there have white uv ink,but if you use eco solvent ink with flatbed printer,there are no white ink,so flatbed printer can't print white color(except when we use textile ink and print on textile,for there have white textile ink)


UV Printer can print on any materials directly without coating,no need pretreatment,but for flatbed printer,we need spray coating before printing for almost materials,or the image will be removed very easy by scratch


UV Printer can print out image with Embossed Effect,but flatbed printer can't


After Printing,uv ink dry immediately,but flatbed printer can't

ECONOMICAL A3 UV Flatbed Printer,Price Just USD2600/Set

1.UV adopts water cooling circulation system, ensuring low temperature operation and longer UV lamp life;
2.It can print white ink continually without block, thus a breakthrough of traditional digital printing technology;
3.UV lamp can be started and stopped at any time, without preheating, time-saving;
4.UV light curing ink, no pollution, no odor, immediately cured, won’t fade;
5.High-precision printing, resolution can up to 1440dpi;

6.Using linear mute rail, stable,reliable and high accuracy can be assured;